Grade 5/6 Additional Learning Tasks

Welcome to week 3 of your ‘Additional Learning Tasks’ Grade 5/6! This week we have five tasks for you: one to get you counting, one to get you planning, one to get you knotting and two to get you thinking ‘outside the box’!

Task 1: Calendar Counting

Work out what day it would be if:

  1. Yesterday was 16 days before Wednesday
  2. Ten days ago yesterday, was five days before Friday

Work out what date it would be if:

  1. We started on January 1st, counted forward 98 days, counted back 165 days and then forward 302 days.
  2. We count 164 days before Remembrance Day, 37 days after that day, a further 259 days post and 83 days pre.

Task 2: Send Me Away!

Plan a mini break for your teacher anywhere in Australia. You must select:

  • A beautiful location for your teacher and a friend or partner
  • Three days two nights accommodation
  • Flights (if required) 
  • Car hire (if required)
  • One adventure / exciting activity
  • One relaxation activity
  • One cultural activity
  • Two restaurants for dinner

To record your information, you can use Word, a spreadsheet or write it down on paper. Then, publish it into a booklet.

Think about who your teacher is, what things they may like to do (not what you’d like to do). Will it be a warm or cool climate location? 

And because your teacher is AMAZING, you have a budget of $4000! So you can make it nice and luxurious!

Task 3: Real Life Learning: Knots!  

Watch this video about different kinds of knots.  Practice making them and then choose your favourite and master it.  Why do you think we should know how to do this? In which situations do you think this would be a useful life skill to have? 


Tasks 4 & 5: Quick Thinkers! 

Write a narrative about the zoo without using the names of any animals. 

Pretend that you get to make one rule that everyone in the world must follow.  What rule would you make and why?


Grade 5/6 Additional Learning Tasks

Welcome to Week 2 of your ‘Additional Learning Tasks’ Grade 5/6! This week we have five tasks for you: one to get you planning, one to get you designing, one to get you researching, one to get you thinking ‘outside the box’ and one to get you dancing!

Task 1: Plan a grocery shopping list and budget.  Having a list and a budget when you go to the shops to buy groceries is a great way to make sure you get exactly what you need and don’t forget something really important.  It’s also really useful so you can stick to a budget and don’t end up spending all of your grocery money on a trolley full of Cheezels (as tempting as that idea is). Right now, it’s also really important to have a grocery list so that when you go to the shops you can go in, get what you need and then go home again! Your job this week is to have a go planning the meals for your family and ‘shop’ for the groceries you will need.  You have a budget of $250.  

Plan the meals you’d like to cook for the week and make a list of ingredients you’ll need.  Use Coles or Woolies online to find prices for the groceries you need to buy.

How many meals (including snacks) do you need for the week to feed the whole family? 

Can you save money by making enough of a recipe to have leftovers for lunch the next day? 

Can you buy particular ingredients that can be used in more than one recipe for the week? 

Can you stick to your budget? What could you do to make sure you stick to your budget?

Task 2: Design a new team sport.  You will need to think about every part of the game, including:




Equipment Required 

Number of players on each team

Is it for adults? For kids?  For everyone? 

Write down your rules and create a scoring sheet (think about the types we use for Inter School Sports).

You will also need to design the field/arena where your sport will be played.

Write down all of your essential information about your new sport and then publish it as a promotional poster or ad telling everyone about it and telling them why they should play! 

Task 3: Real Life Learning!  There are lots of really useful ‘life’ skills that we don’t always learn in school.  If you’d like to learn some of these useful skills, we’ll be including one a week for you to have a go at.  Sometimes you’ll need to watch and follow an online tutorial but other times you’ll need to use the research skills you used for your Inquiry Project in Term 1.

Light bulb Moment! You need to change a light bulb.   But how do you know which new light bulb to use?  They all seem quite different but what’s the difference between them? What’s wattage? What are the different kinds of connections at the base of the bulb? What do you notice about the types of light we use for different spaces in our homes? Why do you think we often use different light for lamps in our bedroom and our kitchen lights? Why are there different light options on phones for day and night?  Research and find out! Tell us all about the types of light bulbs and what they are used for. While researching, focus on the skills you have been practicing in Inquiry this year such as key word searches and skinny notes.

Task 4: Thinking ‘Outside The Box’.  Thinking ‘Outside the Box’ is a really fun way to challenge your mind and help you to build on your growth mindset.  There are LOTS of ways to see and describe the world and below is a question that asks you to push your mind and challenge yourself to answer with reflection and detail.  Rather than answering a question with closed one word answers, try to answer a question ‘outside the box’. Provide detail and think deeply about your answer. That might mean thinking about colours, shapes and emotions – which aren’t always easy to describe – to help you answer the question. You can record your answer as a story, a comment, a poem or… another way that best expresses your answer.  It’s up to you to think ‘Outside The Box’.

*Explain a flower to someone who has never heard of one or seen one before.  What are all the parts? How do they make you feel and why? What do we use them for and why? 

Task 5: Make up a dance routine to your favourite song.  You can choose to use dance moves you already know and find other ways to dance that you haven’t tried before. Try and incorporate lots of different types of dance styles into your routine.  Go online and research different styles of dance. You may need to spend some time practicing some of the more challenging dance styles to make sure you get them just right!


Remote and Flexible Learning Term 2: Week 1

Grade 5/6 Additional Learning Tasks

Welcome to your first edition of ‘Additional Learning Tasks’ for Term 2!

Each week we will be posting an array of tasks on the blog to assist, advance, inspire or entertain you during these very different learning times. These are separate to your learning tasks on Seesaw and are optional. 

On occasion, we will be assigning ‘Class Challenges’ which will enable students to gain points for their class. So please make sure you check out the 5/6 blog each Monday to see if there are any tasks that interest you.

This week we are starting with some light tasks. One to get you searching, one to get you listening and one to get you moving. We hope you enjoy them!

Task 1: 

Sign up to Yarra Plenty Regional Library by filling out your information here. From there you can browse and borrow an array of ebooks, e-comics and audiobooks. Once you find a book just for you, find a quiet place, relax, listen or read. Feel free to share your opinions and recommend your book to your classmates via Seesaw.

Task 2:

This task will tackle a very important question that i’m sure we all have wondered at some time or another. It’s stinky, yucky and funny all at once. Click here to listen to the ‘But Why?’ kids podcast. Feel free to take notes and write a paragraph or two about this weird function. 

Task 3:

Brent ‘Boomer’ Harvey is an ex North Melbourne Football Club player and has recently started his own interactive session with his family to help keep kids fit at home. Click #huddleup to view and participate!

Fun times at Anglesea Camp

It’s sunny, warm & lots of fun! We are having the best time at Anglesea Camp. So far we have had a swim at the beach, ridden a bike, paddled a canoe, zip-lined, rock-climbed, went on the low ropes course and flew down the flying fox. Today is surf and beach day. See you tomorrow everyone.


Grade 6 Anglesea Camp is almost here!

Dear parents and children,

Below are the last minute reminders for camp next Tuesday 10th March – 13th March:

  • Students need to be at school at 7:45 am at the latest. Students take their luggage to the Tiger Turf oval and leave it in their marked Grade area. An announcement will be made at 7:45am for students to go up to their classroom to be marked off on the roll. – The bus will leave at 8:00 am sharp.


  • On Tuesday, students must bring their recess snack, lunch, drink bottle and broad-rimmed  or legionaries hat in their backpacks. In keeping with the Sunsmart Policy, no baseball style caps at all.
  •  We will return to school at approximately 2:00pm Friday, students are to be collected from the tiger turf. We will send out a notification on the SkoolBag app of our arrival. When students are collected, could parents or carers please let their child’s teacher know that they are leaving so they can be marked off on the roll, this is a legal requirement. If your child is walking home, going to after school care, going home with a friend please advise your classroom teachers and send a note stating this on Tuesday. Any student not collected by 3:30pm will be sent to the office.
  •  Any student medication needs to be given to Mr Daley in a labelled zip lock bag with all instructions on the morning of camp. This can even be “just in case” medication, vitamins or probiotics. DUE TO SAFETY REASONS, NO MEDICATIONS ARE TO BE STORED IN LUGGAGE. Students with asthma pumps/puffers are encouraged to carry these with them.
  • No electronic equipment such as: mobile phones, iPads, iPods etc., are to be brought to camp. Small digital cameras and Go-Pros can be used, but it is the student’s responsibility to look after this equipment. Cameras on old mobile phones are not permitted.
  • Students must bring a rash vest or t-shirt to wear when swimming.
  • Broad-rimmed or Legionnaires hats and sunscreen must be taken to camp. Please

    remind students that it is their responsibility to apply sunscreen..

  • Label clothing and towels etc we often come home with bags of unclaimed clothing items.

    Burnside Camp provides us with plenty of delicious food throughout the day, so students are not required to bring any additional food, other than their snack and lunch on the first day.

    We are all looking forward to a fantastic, action packed camp! Stay tuned to our level 4 blog for photos.

    Many thanks,
    the Grade 5/6 Teachers.

Buddies in Grade 5/6

This week our students got to meet their new prep buddies. Our Buddies Program allows all involved to develop and demonstrate the GREAT values. There was some nervousness amongst the senior and junior students, however it was all fun and games (and learning) by the end of the session.


Welcome to the Grade 5/6 Learning Blog, 2020

Dear 5/6 Parents,

Welcome to Grade 5/6, 2020. All the students are off to a fabulous start already and have enjoyed sharing their holiday stories. A parent email will be coming out soon from each class teacher with more details about what we have done so far and when we will be doing for the rest of the term.

This Monday 3rd February is the Grade 3-6 Swimming Carnival at WaterMarc. Below are some details and requirements for students:

What to wear / bring on the day:

  • House colours
  • Towel
  • Bathers (wear under clothes on the day)
  • Undies to wear back to school
  • Lunch
  • Water bottle/s

** Canteen will be available on the day – but this is only to be used by students if they are accompanied by their guardian.

**We will be leaving school just after 9am and will return by 3:15pm.


The Grade 5/6 Teachers