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Production Dress Rehearsal – This Thursday the 5th of September

Hello parents and carers, 


The big night draws near and we are close to perfecting our amazing production. The students’ enthusiasm is ramping up and we have all really enjoyed watching the first two practise run-throughs. 


This Thursday (5/9/19) we are going for our first dress rehearsal which is very exciting. We will have the majority of our props and costumes ready to go so we can make this as authentic as possible. We are asking students to come to school in their stage blacks (black t-shirt, dark shoes and black pants or shorts). They will also need to bring their school uniform (green polo top) in their bags to change into and to be part of most classroom scenes.


We will give the students plenty of reminders as well. 


The following general reminders are for things to get ready for the real performance day

  • Excursion permission note returned
  • Donations of face wipes to remove makeup
  • A shopping bag that can be used to hold your child’s costumes on the night.
  • A pair of black pants/shorts, a black T-shirt, and closed-toe dark shoes
  • A small makeup kit including foundation, blush (eyeliner and lipstick optional
  • Students who have classroom speaking roles need a white button-up shirt or dress (please ask your child if they have a speaking role in their classroom scene). It would be great if they could bring this on Thursday too.


Thanks very much for all your donations so far, we look forward to really impressing our audience on the night. 


Grade 5/6 team


Student Production Update #1

Welcome to the Production 2019 Update Tuesday-30/7/19

This week we have begun our Production Groups. They are: The Main Cast, Digital Effects, Prop Making, and Costumes and Makeup.

Our Main Cast has also been announced. Jack S, Marlo J, Sione K and Kiara K will be our 4 Main Students. 

The Digital Effects group is starting to work on scenes, adding backdrops, sound effects a Documentary and this blog!

Today we started learning our dances with our dance teacher, Amanda. this will be every Tuesday morning. Our progress is going very well.

Written by Finn, Liam S and Liam P

Production Rehearsals

This week we conducted our class auditions for our 2019 production (as yet unnamed). Student voice was used to nominate five students from each class who moved forward to the final audition process, which was conducted on Thursday in sessions five and six. The final auditions were amazing, to say the least. If their performances are anything to go by, we are going to have a stellar cast for this year’s production. We are currently finalising the final cast and will let students know early next week. Below, I have included a few happy snaps of our final audition members.