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Inquiry – Post World War II Immigration

This week, students have been exploring the causes and effects of the post World War II immigration boom. They have been examining the ‘Populate or Perish’ policy that was implemented to boost our population in the interests of economic and military security. Students examined case studies of immigrants from this period in time to determine the push and pull factors that lead to large groups of economic migrants and political refugees calling Australia home. Using their research, they created profiles of immigrants from this time.

Science Expo

This term, we have been exploring the scientific areas of Biology, Chemistry and Physics. To conclude our unit of learning, students developed a question and experiment that helped them find out more about one of these areas.

To showcase our brilliant thinking, fantastic experiments and detailed discoveries, we held a Science Expo in the hall. 

Thanks to all the parents, guardians and helpers who ensured our Science Expo was a massive success. It has been a clear highlight of the term for many students!

Term 2 Inquiry Unit – Migration: Making a Nation

To the families of 5/6S, 
Do you have an immigration story? Whether you’re from across the ditch or across the pond, we want to hear from you. In term 2, our Historical Inquiry Unit, ‘Migration: Making a Nation’, will focus on the different waves of immigration that have helped to shape Australia and make it the great nation it is. It could be your personal story, a recount of a family members story, or you might like to interview a family member. If you can help, please respond to some of the following questions via video prior to the beginning of term two. 
  • Where did you immigrate from and why did you leave?
  • What were your hopes for your new life here?
  • Why did you choose to come to this country instead of somewhere else?
  • What was the most difficult part about leaving?
  • What was your journey to this new country like?
  • What was the most difficult part of coming here?
  • What was it like when you first arrived?
  • What did you miss most about the country you came from?
  • Who was most helpful with getting you settled?
  • How do you think that migration has changed you?
With thanks, 
The 5/6 Team