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Grade 5/6 Action Teams

This term, every Grade 5/6 student has participated in an “Action Team”. These teams were created based on the students responding to the survey question, “What would you like to add or change at Greenhills to make it even better?”


Our action teams are:

These teams are designed to give all students a voice into the direction of Greenhills Primary School. It has been incredible to see the leadership, passion, organisation and initiative displayed by our 5/6 students and we are excited about where the Action Team journey will lead us.

Here is an update from the Media and Film team:

Media and Film Team:

With the renovation of the hall starting next term, we have the problem of how to still deliver our assemblies. So, we have been testing out the “streaming” of assembly using tools like Youtube Live. Last week, we conducted a private live streaming test of assembly and had students observe the quality of sound and video from other laptops. The students are also hard at work on a series of news stories they will record and edit that will be sent out to classrooms once a fortnight.