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Fun times at Anglesea Camp

It’s sunny, warm & lots of fun! We are having the best time at Anglesea Camp. So far we have had a swim at the beach, ridden a bike, paddled a canoe, zip-lined, rock-climbed, went on the low ropes course and flew down the flying fox. Today is surf and beach day. See you tomorrow everyone.


Grade 6 Anglesea Camp is almost here!

Dear parents and children,

Below are the last minute reminders for camp next Tuesday 10th March – 13th March:

  • Students need to be at school at 7:45 am at the latest. Students take their luggage to the Tiger Turf oval and leave it in their marked Grade area. An announcement will be made at 7:45am for students to go up to their classroom to be marked off on the roll. – The bus will leave at 8:00 am sharp.


  • On Tuesday, students must bring their recess snack, lunch, drink bottle and broad-rimmed  or legionaries hat in their backpacks. In keeping with the Sunsmart Policy, no baseball style caps at all.
  •  We will return to school at approximately 2:00pm Friday, students are to be collected from the tiger turf. We will send out a notification on the SkoolBag app of our arrival. When students are collected, could parents or carers please let their child’s teacher know that they are leaving so they can be marked off on the roll, this is a legal requirement. If your child is walking home, going to after school care, going home with a friend please advise your classroom teachers and send a note stating this on Tuesday. Any student not collected by 3:30pm will be sent to the office.
  •  Any student medication needs to be given to Mr Daley in a labelled zip lock bag with all instructions on the morning of camp. This can even be “just in case” medication, vitamins or probiotics. DUE TO SAFETY REASONS, NO MEDICATIONS ARE TO BE STORED IN LUGGAGE. Students with asthma pumps/puffers are encouraged to carry these with them.
  • No electronic equipment such as: mobile phones, iPads, iPods etc., are to be brought to camp. Small digital cameras and Go-Pros can be used, but it is the student’s responsibility to look after this equipment. Cameras on old mobile phones are not permitted.
  • Students must bring a rash vest or t-shirt to wear when swimming.
  • Broad-rimmed or Legionnaires hats and sunscreen must be taken to camp. Please

    remind students that it is their responsibility to apply sunscreen..

  • Label clothing and towels etc we often come home with bags of unclaimed clothing items.

    Burnside Camp provides us with plenty of delicious food throughout the day, so students are not required to bring any additional food, other than their snack and lunch on the first day.

    We are all looking forward to a fantastic, action packed camp! Stay tuned to our level 4 blog for photos.

    Many thanks,
    the Grade 5/6 Teachers.

Welcome to the Grade 5/6 Learning Blog, 2020

Dear 5/6 Parents,

Welcome to Grade 5/6, 2020. All the students are off to a fabulous start already and have enjoyed sharing their holiday stories. A parent email will be coming out soon from each class teacher with more details about what we have done so far and when we will be doing for the rest of the term.

This Monday 3rd February is the Grade 3-6 Swimming Carnival at WaterMarc. Below are some details and requirements for students:

What to wear / bring on the day:

  • House colours
  • Towel
  • Bathers (wear under clothes on the day)
  • Undies to wear back to school
  • Lunch
  • Water bottle/s

** Canteen will be available on the day – but this is only to be used by students if they are accompanied by their guardian.

**We will be leaving school just after 9am and will return by 3:15pm.


The Grade 5/6 Teachers