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Remote and Flexible Learning Term 3: Week 1

Grade 5/6 Additional Learning Tasks

Welcome back to your weekly ‘Additional Learning Tasks’ for Term 3. This week we have 5 tasks for you to explore. Have a read through, pick one or more that peaks your interest or maybe even challenges you! Once you’ve completed them, feel free to email your teacher with feedback or your responses and share them with your family and friends. 

Task 1: Rearrange Your Bedroom!

Feeling like you need a change? Feeling like you are stuck in the same routine day in day out? Why not have a go at rearranging your bedroom! Draw your current bedroom on one side of a piece of paper then draw how you think you would like it to be changed to. Once you have done this (and checked with your parents), get moving! Changing your room around is a great way to declutter too. Throw out some rubbish, go through your old stuff and see if there is anything you can give away. Take a photo of your new room and send it to your friends! Change is as good as a holiday!

Task 2: Why Do We Cry?

Click here to find out the three reasons why we cry. Once you have watched and listened to the clip, write about the last time you cried and why. How were you feeling? What helped you stop? This can be shared with someone close to you or you can keep it private.

Task 3: Create a Secret Code

Feel like being a bit creative and sneaky? How about creating a secret code that only you and someone close to you know. Instead of using the regular alphabet, replace each letter with either a different letter, a picture or a symbol. Write down your code reference and keep it somewhere safe. Write a note or letter to a friend or family member and watch them try and crack your code!

Task 4: Pizza Time!

Make homemade pizzas for lunch or dinner for your family. Select your base, either homemade or store bought; wraps, bases or english muffins (great for lunch). Pick your sauce (tomato or bbq), top with your favourite toppings. Maybe you could even try a new combination! You’ll need to go shopping for all your ingredients, so it’s best to make a list before you go. Once you have created your pizzas, pop them on a tray and into the oven (ask an adult for help) and remove with a tea towel or oven mitts once they are golden brown and the cheese is bubbling. Let it cool a little and enjoy! Share your recipes with your friends!

Task 5: Breathe…

Ever feel like you just need a timeout from the worries of the world? Download the free ‘3 Minute Mindfulness’ app from the App Store. Once it’s downloaded, get started. Find a quiet spot, get comfortable, close your eyes and listen to the instructions. It only takes 3 minutes. Ask your family not to interrupt you so you can fully immerse yourself. Enjoy your peace and quiet.


Grade 5/6 Additional Learning Tasks

Welcome to Week 7 of your ‘Additional Learning Tasks’ Grade 5/6! This week we have five tasks for you: one to get you sliding letters, one to get you dancing, one to get you reporting, one to get folding and one to get thinking ‘outside the box’!

Task 1: Quote Slide

Hearing inspirational quotes can change your life. They can lift your spirits, enlighten you, encourage you and empower you. Using the letters below, decide which letters can be moved, making words and then displaying a quote. You can only use the letters directly above that space. For example:

   P             I           U          O          A         R         E          H                     T         R          I   

   Y            O          S           T           A                    E          S          A         R 

   M           R          O                        F         K         T                      T         A          Y         E          N         G

M I S T A K E S    A R E    
P R O O F   T H A T        
Y O U   A R E   T R Y I N G

Hints: Look for known letter patterns, notice where there are gaps (these are ends of words) and start with the smaller words.

Have a go at this one!

   Y     O    W     E      W     O     N     L       D              E      S            O      H       C             H      O       S      E

   E     H     U     C      A      F      U     O               S       I     A     T      T      N               H     M      I       G      H 

  P     D      E              R      T      R              N     W      E            P      O               E      W     A      N      C     T   

   T     O     U             C      A       I      L      U


Once completed, have a go at creating your own and try it out on your family!

Task 2: Let’s Dance!

Dancing is a GREAT way to increase endorphins and get your body moving and shaking! Google the clip for ‘All in this together’ from High School Musical. Focus on the chorus and carefully watch the dance moves they do. Try and learn them! Record yourself dancing to the song and email it to you teacher! 20-30sec is enough.

Task 3: Reporter

The Herald Sun needs you to write an article about returning to school safely. You will need to gather facts about Covid 19, include what things need to be put in place so that students and teachers are safe, some quotes from students, teachers or parents about how they are feeling about returning and some repercussions that may happen if we do not comply with the safety measures being put in place. 

Task 4: 

Do you know how to fold a fitted sheet?  They are a very weird shape, so folding them isn’t always an easy task.  Watch this online tutorial and practice with the fitted sheets in your linen cupboard.

Task 5: Quick Thinkers!

  1. If you could talk to trees, what do you think they might say? Create a conversation between you and a tree.
  2. Are you more like a river, a lake, an ocean or a waterfall? Why


Grade 5/6 Additional Learning Tasks

Welcome to week 4 of your ‘Additional Learning Tasks’ Grade 5/6! This week we have five tasks for you: one to get you designing, one to get you mixing, one to get you enhancing, one to get you reporting and one to get you deciding!

Task 1: Geometry Star

Log onto Google Classroom and follow the steps to create your own Geometry Star. This is a fun, creative and educational maths activity with a different outcome for everyone! 

Task 2: 

JSC have been busy thinking of ways to keep the school community engaged and have come up with a GREAT idea. CUPCAKES! Who doesn’t love cupcakes? To find this task, log on to Google Classroom and get your creative juices flowing. 

Task 3: Ted Ed Fascinating Feature! 

Ted Ed has some really fascinating videos about different parts of history, science and our world in general.  It also has some great videos to help enhance our writing.  Watch the video below about writing fiction that comes alive. How can you use this information to make your narratives more interesting?  

Listen to the mp4 clip shared by Mrs Barrett in Google Classroom. Once completed, write a paragraph to follow the sentence starter below. Make sure you enhance your writing by applying descriptive language. Add in adjectives, strong verbs, adverbs and onomatopoeia and follow your five senses (taste, smell, see, hear, feel).

As I peacefully stroll back into camp, an eerie feeling comes over me. I gaze nervously around, searching for any sign of life. The cabins are empty, the tents have vanished and the sounds of children laughing and playing in the fields and splashing in the lake have disappeared…

Task 4: Interview an Adult

Getting to know an adult can be difficult. They generally don’t like the same stuff as you, they wear different clothes, their day to day activities/jobs are different and they have been around A LOT longer than you.

Brainstorm some questions you would like to ask an adult in your family. It could be one of your parents, an aunty or uncle or a grandparent.

Conduct your interview, asking 5 questions about their life. Things you don’t know about them. Then record your answers. You may choose to record the interview on your device or simple jot it down. 

Some questions you may like to ask are;

– Where did you go to school and what was it like? (Teachers, classmates, subjects)

– What was your first job? Did you like it? 

– If you could have done or could do any job in the world, what would it be and why?

– Where did you grow up? What was your house like? What did you do to keep busy/occupied at home?

Task 5: Quick Thinkers:

Are you more of a circle or a square?  Why?

Which is the superior meat? Chicken or Beef? Why?

If you could watch one movie for the rest of your life, what would it be and why?

Do you prefer maths or writing? Why?

If there was one person you could have dinner with, who would it be, why and what would you ask them?


Remote and Flexible Learning Term 2: Week 1

Grade 5/6 Additional Learning Tasks

Welcome to your first edition of ‘Additional Learning Tasks’ for Term 2!

Each week we will be posting an array of tasks on the blog to assist, advance, inspire or entertain you during these very different learning times. These are separate to your learning tasks on Seesaw and are optional. 

On occasion, we will be assigning ‘Class Challenges’ which will enable students to gain points for their class. So please make sure you check out the 5/6 blog each Monday to see if there are any tasks that interest you.

This week we are starting with some light tasks. One to get you searching, one to get you listening and one to get you moving. We hope you enjoy them!

Task 1: 

Sign up to Yarra Plenty Regional Library by filling out your information here. From there you can browse and borrow an array of ebooks, e-comics and audiobooks. Once you find a book just for you, find a quiet place, relax, listen or read. Feel free to share your opinions and recommend your book to your classmates via Seesaw.

Task 2:

This task will tackle a very important question that i’m sure we all have wondered at some time or another. It’s stinky, yucky and funny all at once. Click here to listen to the ‘But Why?’ kids podcast. Feel free to take notes and write a paragraph or two about this weird function. 

Task 3:

Brent ‘Boomer’ Harvey is an ex North Melbourne Football Club player and has recently started his own interactive session with his family to help keep kids fit at home. Click #huddleup to view and participate!