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Week 9 of Term 2

Our first week back at school after 8 weeks of remote learning has GREAT. Students reconnected with their peers and continued to develop their communication skills through a range of fun games. A gigantic egg appeared on Tuesday and has been moving around the school each day. The students are using the egg as inspiration for a news report. Students also played different math games as part of a Fantastic Finish for our 4 Operations unit. Next week they will use these math games as inspiration to create their own maths games for their peers.





2020 Student Leadership Porgram

The 2020 Leadership Program will start in Term 4 and is open to all year 5 students who would like to represent our school as leaders in 2020. The following information is a brief overview of the program. 

  • The grade 5 students will need to present a response to the question “If you could change, improve or implement a program at Greenhills what would it be?”. 
  • Students will need to attend the lunch time sessions to complete their response to the question, which we are calling an Action Plan.
  • All students who complete the leadership program and present their Action Plans are eligible for either a JSC, House Captain or Specialist role.
  • Roles will be assigned based on rubric sore, presentation and peer votes. 

Please see Miss Lauren O’Connell, Mr David Symeonidis or Miss Bianca Fedele if you have any questions.

Production Update

Dear parents and helpers, 

The big day draws near and we are nearly ready to go. We have two more dress rehearsals, on Friday and Monday. Please have a look at the lists below to make sure you’re ready to go. 

Things to bring on Monday 16th  

  • Students need to bring a named bag to keep their costumes in.
  • All costume elements that come from home
  • Wearing stage blacks for Friday and Monday’s practice. 

Run list for Tuesday 17th  (Production Day)

  • Drop off at Greenhills by 7:45am wearing stage blacks and make up. This includes foundation and blush (mascara and lipstick optional).
  • Pick up from Greenhills at 3.30pm.
  • Drop at venue 6.30pm (Stage door, Plenty Valley arts and convention center, 35 Ferres Blvd, South Morang VIC). Students need to be wearing stage blacks and make up
  • After production pick will happen at two places:

5/6 M, S, F will leave through the Main Entrance 

5/6 B, D, O will leave through the stage door 

Bits and pieces to bring on the day

  • Backpack with a water bottle, snack, lunch, fruit. 
  • No netbooks or other devices, please.
  • (named costume bag will already be at school).

Please make sure to check in with your child’s teacher to sign them out at the end of the night before leaving.

Fractions Sizzling Start

Over the past two weeks, students have been introduced to our new Mathematics topic, fractions, decimals and percentages. Students were exposed to the concepts through an engaging sizzling start. The range of activities allowed students to apply what they already know about fractions as well as explore new concepts and develop questions about what they might need to know next. Our fractions unit will continue until the end of term and a few weeks into term 3. During this time you might wish to engage in a fractions conversation with your child, noticing fractions around the home, at the supermarket or in other aspects of everyday life.


Sovereign Hill Excursion Reminders

Our Sovereign Hill Excursion is Monday, and there is a lot of excitement building. Please read over the following important reminders and information. If you have any questions please contact your child’s teacher as soon as possible.

Departure: 8.00am. Students are to be at school at 7.45am. 

Return: 6.00pm. A SkoolBag alert will go out when we are close to arriving back at school. Parents/ guardians will need to touch base with their child’s teacher when they are being picked up (similar to pick up after camp).

In a bag, students will need to pack the following

  • SunSmart hat
  • coat/ rain jacket
  • snack, lunch, and fruit
  • water bottle

Money: there will be opportunities for students to buy items such as gold jars, lollies, wanted poster and more. They are welcome to bring up to $20 to spend on the day.

Travel Sickness: if your child has travel sick medication they are welcome to have some the morning of the excursion. If you would like them to have it on the way back,  please bring the medication in a labeled ziplock bag and leave it with your child’s teacher in the morning.

Weather: at the moment the weather is forecast to be around 17 degrees. Please ensure your child is wearing warm clothes and packs a raincoat just in case.

Students are to wear the school uniform.

Please contact your child’s teacher if you have any questions.

The 5/6 team.

Student Leadership Update – Specialist Captains

Applications are now open for Specialist Captains!

The most important information is that all applications are due Friday of week 3.

Choir Captains – applicants will need to give a speech in front of the Recital Choir on Wednesday 12th  at lunch time (week 3) . The Choir then votes for the captains.

ICT – a digital application needs to be submitted to Mr S via email

PE – a application need to be submitted to Mr Daley by Friday of week 3. The letter needs to include students involvement in sport, athletics and general PE activities. As well as what they will bring to the PE team. Due Friday week 3.

ART – Students need to give a written submission detailing why they should be Art captain and their involvement in Art over the years. The letter is due Friday week 3.

Library – A video needs to uploaded to a folder on Google Drive. Due Friday week 3.

Italian –  a written (typed is fine) letter detailing why they are the best suited to the position of Italian Captain. If some Italian words can also be added in the letter that would be great. Due Friday week 3.  

Any questions please contact Miss Fedele

Good luck to all the applicants.