Remote and Flexible Learning Term 3: Week 2

Grade 5/6 Additional Learning Tasks

Welcome to your weekly ‘Additional Learning Tasks’ for Week 2. This week we have 5 tasks for you to explore. Have a read through, pick one or more that peaks your interest or maybe even challenges you! Once you’ve completed them, feel free to email your teacher with feedback or your responses and share them with your family and friends. 

Task 1: Explore the NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory

Go to:

Watch and explore the 360 degree video of the NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory and tour their lab while they build the Mars Rover!

What Wonderings does this tour spark for you? 

What would you ask the engineers working at the facility about building rockets, rovers and about space travel? 

Is this a job you’d like to do? Go online and research what it takes to be an NASA engineer or an astronaut. 

Task 2: Planets of the Solar System

Explore this information from Scienceworks about our Solar System at the Scienceworks website:

Then, draw and create your own diagram of the solar system.  Watch this video to help you:  


Task 3:  Create a house of cards!

Using 1 deck of cards (or more if you have them!) build a house of cards.  How high can you go? What techniques worked really well to make your house stable and tall?  What techniques did not work? How could you improve your house – without using anything other than cards to hold it in place? 

Task 4: Can you solve this shape problem? 

Task 5: Write and perform a play about being an astronaut!

Imagine you’ve just landed on the moon.  What would that experience be like?  Write a play describing your experience as an astronaut and perform it for your family.  Alternatively, include them in your play and give them all roles to play! 

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