Remote and Flexible Learning Term 3: Week 1

Grade 5/6 Additional Learning Tasks

Welcome back to your weekly ‘Additional Learning Tasks’ for Term 3. This week we have 5 tasks for you to explore. Have a read through, pick one or more that peaks your interest or maybe even challenges you! Once you’ve completed them, feel free to email your teacher with feedback or your responses and share them with your family and friends. 

Task 1: Rearrange Your Bedroom!

Feeling like you need a change? Feeling like you are stuck in the same routine day in day out? Why not have a go at rearranging your bedroom! Draw your current bedroom on one side of a piece of paper then draw how you think you would like it to be changed to. Once you have done this (and checked with your parents), get moving! Changing your room around is a great way to declutter too. Throw out some rubbish, go through your old stuff and see if there is anything you can give away. Take a photo of your new room and send it to your friends! Change is as good as a holiday!

Task 2: Why Do We Cry?

Click here to find out the three reasons why we cry. Once you have watched and listened to the clip, write about the last time you cried and why. How were you feeling? What helped you stop? This can be shared with someone close to you or you can keep it private.

Task 3: Create a Secret Code

Feel like being a bit creative and sneaky? How about creating a secret code that only you and someone close to you know. Instead of using the regular alphabet, replace each letter with either a different letter, a picture or a symbol. Write down your code reference and keep it somewhere safe. Write a note or letter to a friend or family member and watch them try and crack your code!

Task 4: Pizza Time!

Make homemade pizzas for lunch or dinner for your family. Select your base, either homemade or store bought; wraps, bases or english muffins (great for lunch). Pick your sauce (tomato or bbq), top with your favourite toppings. Maybe you could even try a new combination! You’ll need to go shopping for all your ingredients, so it’s best to make a list before you go. Once you have created your pizzas, pop them on a tray and into the oven (ask an adult for help) and remove with a tea towel or oven mitts once they are golden brown and the cheese is bubbling. Let it cool a little and enjoy! Share your recipes with your friends!

Task 5: Breathe…

Ever feel like you just need a timeout from the worries of the world? Download the free ‘3 Minute Mindfulness’ app from the App Store. Once it’s downloaded, get started. Find a quiet spot, get comfortable, close your eyes and listen to the instructions. It only takes 3 minutes. Ask your family not to interrupt you so you can fully immerse yourself. Enjoy your peace and quiet.

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