Grade 5/6 Additional Learning Tasks

Welcome to Week 7 of your ‘Additional Learning Tasks’ Grade 5/6! This week we have five tasks for you: one to get you sliding letters, one to get you dancing, one to get you reporting, one to get folding and one to get thinking ‘outside the box’!

Task 1: Quote Slide

Hearing inspirational quotes can change your life. They can lift your spirits, enlighten you, encourage you and empower you. Using the letters below, decide which letters can be moved, making words and then displaying a quote. You can only use the letters directly above that space. For example:

   P             I           U          O          A         R         E          H                     T         R          I   

   Y            O          S           T           A                    E          S          A         R 

   M           R          O                        F         K         T                      T         A          Y         E          N         G

M I S T A K E S    A R E    
P R O O F   T H A T        
Y O U   A R E   T R Y I N G

Hints: Look for known letter patterns, notice where there are gaps (these are ends of words) and start with the smaller words.

Have a go at this one!

   Y     O    W     E      W     O     N     L       D              E      S            O      H       C             H      O       S      E

   E     H     U     C      A      F      U     O               S       I     A     T      T      N               H     M      I       G      H 

  P     D      E              R      T      R              N     W      E            P      O               E      W     A      N      C     T   

   T     O     U             C      A       I      L      U


Once completed, have a go at creating your own and try it out on your family!

Task 2: Let’s Dance!

Dancing is a GREAT way to increase endorphins and get your body moving and shaking! Google the clip for ‘All in this together’ from High School Musical. Focus on the chorus and carefully watch the dance moves they do. Try and learn them! Record yourself dancing to the song and email it to you teacher! 20-30sec is enough.

Task 3: Reporter

The Herald Sun needs you to write an article about returning to school safely. You will need to gather facts about Covid 19, include what things need to be put in place so that students and teachers are safe, some quotes from students, teachers or parents about how they are feeling about returning and some repercussions that may happen if we do not comply with the safety measures being put in place. 

Task 4: 

Do you know how to fold a fitted sheet?  They are a very weird shape, so folding them isn’t always an easy task.  Watch this online tutorial and practice with the fitted sheets in your linen cupboard.

Task 5: Quick Thinkers!

  1. If you could talk to trees, what do you think they might say? Create a conversation between you and a tree.
  2. Are you more like a river, a lake, an ocean or a waterfall? Why
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