Grade 5/6 Additional Learning Tasks

Welcome to week 5 of your ‘Additional Learning Tasks’ Grade 5/6! This week we have five tasks for you: one to get you solving and thinking about thinking, one to get you designing, one to get you moving, one to get you practicing and one to get thinking ‘outside the box’!

Task 1: Can you solve the Red Dragonfly Maths Challenge?

Follow the link to the Red Dragon Maths Challenge.  

Try to solve each maths problem without clicking to reveal the answer.  You can use your maths book to write down the question, so you have space to work it out and show your reasoning.  Try and solve the problem in under 10 mins.  If by 10 mins you’re still solving or you’re just not sure, you can choose to either unlock the answer to check or keep going until you solve it.  If you do unlock the answer, go back and look at your attempt to solve it and see if you can work out what was missing or where you went wrong.  Remember, even if you don’t get the correct answer, that’s ok! Understanding where you went wrong or what was missing from your workings out is just as important in maths as solving the problem!

Start at ‘Get Started’ for more instructions then move on through each task.

Good luck, mathematicians!

Task 2: Design a new building for Greenhills to be built on the Bruce Oval

It can be used for whatever you like, but whatever the building is for, it must benefit the entire Greenhills school community.  

What would you like the building to be used for? 

What will be inside the building?  

How much will it cost to build?  

You’ll need to research where to get materials and which materials you’ll need.

Design a plan for your building making sure you include EVERYTHING you need to include.  

Write a persuasive letter to Mr Penson and Ms Hough trying to convince them that your design should go ahead.  The perimeter of the Bruce Oval is 50mx60m. Work out what the area is. 

Bunnings Warehouse | Australia’s DIY, Garden & Hardware Store  

Mitre 10: The Mighty Helpful Independent Hardware Store

Task 3: Move Your Body!

Create your own circuit workout! Create 10 stations of different workouts to get your whole body moving. Each station should have a workout of 1 minute with a 30 second break in between. This should total 15 min. Try and select exercises that build strength or raise your heart rate. For example; sit ups (building abdominal strength) star jumps (raising heart rate). If you have exercise equipment around your home like skipping ropes or hand weights, you could incorporate them into your circuit. Otherwise you could use canned food as hand weights and skip without a rope. It still raises your heart rate! Once you’ve created your circuit, why not try it out with your family! 

Task 4: TED ED: How to practice effectively

Why do teachers and coaches ask you to practice a skill? What does practice do to your brain? Watch this video to find out! 

Now that you know more about how important practicing a skill is if you want to improve and master it, think about how you can use practicing into your day for activities you really enjoy doing and for school work that requires practice to remember and improve at.  What do you want to get better at? Which skill would you love to master? 

Make a list of the steps you need to do to practice your skill and see if you can follow the advice of the Ted Ed experts and include it in your day.

Task 5: Quick Thinkers!

  1. You can have any three things that you want.  In return, you must give away three things that are about the same size as the things you get.  What do you give away?
  2. How would life be different if there was no electricity? 
  3. If you could be an animal, what would you be and why?
  4. If you could choose a holiday to go on with your best friend, where would you go and why?
  5. What superpower would you like and why?
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