High School Day

We have had a really successful High School Day at Greenhills Secondary School today.

The Grade 6 students have had a very unique and fun opportunity to participate in classes similar to what they would experience in Year 7. Students were separated into new grades, given a timetable and had very little guidance about knowing when and where they needed to go around the school. They handled this beautifully and showed just how organised and responsible they could be.

The students participated in a range of subjects including Year 7 Maths and English, Food Technology, Health and Human Development, P.E (theory) and Visual Communication and Design. Some classes even had ‘Spare Periods’ where they could finish work set in other subjects.

7A and 7C making Yum Yum Balls and Mini Pizzas.



7B Reflecting on their day as high school students


Some dedicated students who really didn’t want to finish their Year 7 maths at home decided to do it at lunchtime. Superstars!


Here are some of our best-dressed students and our High School Student of the Day, Lockie, who showed enthusiasm, respect, patience and organisation skills.

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1 thought on “High School Day

  1. Signora Iebbiano

    Looks like they have had a wonderful experience!!
    What a nice way to finish off the term:))

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