Graduation tickets and other notes

Hello parents and carers,

Firstly a reminder about buying graduation tickets. There is a limit of 3 but other tickets go on sale soon. The link is here. Get in soon as graduation is on Thursday 12/12/19.

Secondly, as we draw towards the end of the year there are plenty of notes about. There is:

  • Ipad notes for the grade 5’s (hard copy)
  • Netbook notes for the grade 6’s (hard copy)
  • Pool party (On Sentral)
  • Graduation permission (hard copy)
  • Park day excursion (On Sentral soon)
  • Grade 6 2020 jumpers (hard copy)
  • Grade 6 camp 2020 (hard copy)

If you have any questions or would like to double check jumper sizes they can be found at the front office. You are welcome to come down this week to double check our sizing.

We will also need a few parent helpers for our pool day on the 16th of December. Please contact your child’s teacher if you are able to help on the day.

Thanks very much and don’t hesitate to drop in if you have any questions.

Digital Technologies

This term the students have been working hard on creating a digital solution to a health or an environmental problem around the world. They had the opportunity to choose an area of technology they would like to use to create this. The options were Edison Robots, Minecraft or creating a website/app. Students have been working very hard both individually and in groups to create and bring to life their amazing ideas!

RAMP hits Greenhills

This week the students at Greenhills began their RAMP (Rich Ability Mixed Project) task. This task lets the students use their math skills in a mock building project. They have a ‘budget’ of 2.2 million dollars to create something that will make Greenhills even better. There are many amazing ideas and the students are encouraged to use their creativity as well as their math reasoning, understanding and problem solving abilities. Below are some work samples based on their initial designs and estimates.

Socratic Circles

In Wellbeing we have started Socratic Circles. For the discussion students form two concentric circles. The inner-circle engages in a discussion while the outer circle observes the inner circle and gives them feedback. Roles are then switched after the first discussion.

The goal of this activity is to have participants work together to construct meaning and arrive at an answer, not for one student or one group to “win the argument.” For their first Socratic Circle students read Greta Thunberg’s climate speech and were asked to answers the following question: “What are you responsible for when taking care of the environment?”.

Below are some of the amazing responses from students. 

“In 20-years we don’t know what it’s going to be like, it could be terrible” – Ashley T

“One bit of trash can make a big impact on the whole world” – Damon M

“There’s a lot of things we could be doing but we’re not” – Abby K

“If we don’t do something about this we could end up like Venus” – Jonathon T

“If the human race went extinct today it would take hundreds of years for the earth to repair itself” – Teagan C

“Stop pretending nothing is happening” – Emily W

“Bigger names are not doing anything” – Lydia M

Applied Math

Welcome to Term 4! This week we have started our applied math unit, which is location and transformations. Everyone has been learning about the Cartesian plane coordinate system and we’ve had a lot of fun with it. An activity we have worked on is battleships. Students had to use their knowledge of coordinates to hit their opponent’s ships. We loved watching everyone challenge themselves whilst having fun!

We still have some red sequin disco dresses missing from our production. If you could please check at home to make sure they weren’t accidentally taken home that would be greatly appreciated.

2020 Student Leadership Porgram

The 2020 Leadership Program will start in Term 4 and is open to all year 5 students who would like to represent our school as leaders in 2020. The following information is a brief overview of the program. 

  • The grade 5 students will need to present a response to the question “If you could change, improve or implement a program at Greenhills what would it be?”. 
  • Students will need to attend the lunch time sessions to complete their response to the question, which we are calling an Action Plan.
  • All students who complete the leadership program and present their Action Plans are eligible for either a JSC, House Captain or Specialist role.
  • Roles will be assigned based on rubric sore, presentation and peer votes. 

Please see Miss Lauren O’Connell, Mr David Symeonidis or Miss Bianca Fedele if you have any questions.

Production – Final Reminders

The big day is tomorrow!

Just a friendly reminder that students need to be at school at 7:45am wearing their stage blacks and with their make up applied.

Students can pack their usual snack, lunch and water in their school bag or other small bag, no devices please.

Thank you for your support – we can’t wait for you all to see the show!